Darby Farms Chicken Liver Mousse w/ Fig Jam,
Pickled Red Onions, Toast
w/Zilliken, Forstmeister Geltz, DE ‘01

Grilled & Chilled Corn Soup w/ Fried Okra, Red Jalapeño
w/ Evolucio, Furmint, HU, ’11

Humanely Poached Maine Lobster, Frisée, Spicy Apple Jellies,
Chicken Fat Vinaigrette & Smoked Paprika
w/ Domaine Auchere, Sancerre, FR ‘10

Seared C.A.B. Hanger Steak Sous Vide  w/ Columbus Hops,
3 Hour Potatoes, Warm Heirloom Tomato, Arugula
Li Veli, Negroamaro, IT ‘10

Farmington Peach Pie w/ Candied Pecans, Honeyed Creme Fraiche
w/ The “Southern Bloc”
Georgian Brandy (No, not this Georgia), Blueberry Black Tea Ice Cubes,
Rhubarb Bitters, Our Club Soda

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